Buddhist Temple of San Diego-SCRIP PROGRAM

  • A COMPLETE LIST of the participating retailers can be found on the Great
    Lakes Scrip Center website at www.glscrip.com. At the bottom of the
    page under "Quick Links," click on the "Retailer List" (alphabetical order) OR
    "Retailer List by Category" (whichever you prefer), and download a copy of
    that list.

  • You can also have a complete list mailed to you, OR sent to you via e-mail.
    Please call (619-239-0896) OR e-mail (info@btsd.net) to have this request

  • Once you find the stores and businesses you need, fill out a SCRIP ORDER
    FORM, and, with payment, either drop it off in the "SCRIP" mail slot at
    temple, or mail it in.
Scrip Program
The Scrip Program is just about the simplest way to benefit the Temple. By
making purchases you would normally make (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), the
Buddhist Temple of San Diego automatically gets a percentage.

How much do you spend on groceries every year? Do you shop regularly at Vons
or Albertsons? If you pay with a gift card, 4% of your entire purchase comes back
to the Temple.
How it works
Through the Great Lakes Scrip Program, you can purchase/order "gift cards" to
just about any place you can imagine. From restaurants, gas stations, grocery
stores, clothing stores, electronic stores, and even big stores like Target and
Wal-Mart, you get the FULL AMOUNT of the gift card you choose, and the
temple gets a percentage of that amount, back.

In addition to buying gift cards as presents, think about using it for your everyday

It is also a SAFE way to shop, so you don't have to worry about any information
being compromised.
Scrip List Options

  • You may place your Scrip Order at ANY TIME. Just keep in mind that the
    temple is CLOSED on Mondays, so as long as you get them in before then,
    it'll be here at the time mentioned above.
  • In addition to mailing, you can either phone-in or e-mail your order.
  • Please have your payment ready with your order, either by check or cash
    ONLY. If you order via phone OR by e-mail, please mail your payment, ATTN:
    SCRIP ORDER/PAYMENT, to the temple as soon as possible.
  • Scrip Orders must be PICKED-UP at the temple (in the office).
*MONDAY: Scrip Orders are placed.
*WEDNESDAY/End of the Week: Scrip Orders are delivered to the temple.
*SUNDAY: Scrip Orders are organized and separated by Miyo Hill
(volunteer Scrip Coordinator).
    MONDAY        TUESDAY-FRIDAY         SATURDAY                SUNDAY
          CLOSED           10 a.m. - 4 p.m.              Varies              10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
                                                             (Please call)        (most Sundays)  
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