Temple-Affiliated Organizations
Temple The Temple depends on the support of a number of organizations to achieve its goals.
These organizations provide opportunities for people of all ages to share their time and enthusiasm for the

Buddhist Womens Association (BWA)
Since 1926 this Buddhist Women's Association has organized around the needs of the temple
activities, from serving refreshments at meetings to raising funds for the temple through sale
of their renowned sushi. Monthly meetings include socializing and temple projects. No single
organization has done more to
support the Temple.

Please visit the BTSD BWA WEBSITE

Adult Buddhist Association (ABA)
The Adult Buddhist Association (ABA) was originally formed as the Young Adult Buddhist
Association in 1959. ABA undertakes many projects to support the temple and socializes at
friendly dinners or breakfasts. ABA is famous for its tasty Chow Mein recipe, sold in fundraisers
several times a year.

Dharma School
The purpose of the Dharma School is to help students of all ages to learn the Dharma - the
teachings of the Compassionate Buddha - using stories, study, sharing, discussion, crafts, and
play. Classes usually run from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. following Sunday Family Services.
Classes are grouped by grade level, from preschool through high school.
We also have a Nursery for children who are accompanied by a parent.

Young Buddhist Association (YBA)
Our college-aged adults join together in fellowship and projects to support the temple. (The
organization traces its origins as far back as 1912, from before the Buddhist Temple of San
Diego was established. Then, the Young Man's Buddhist Association and Young Women's
Buddhist Association met to further their religion).

Junior Young Buddhist Association (Jr. YBA)
The Junior YBA is organized to meet the social and religious needs of high-school aged youth.
Activities include district seminars and annual conferences, many fundraisers in support of
the temple, and other social activities.

Young Adult Buddhist Association (YABA)
The Young Adult Buddhist Association (YABA) is organized to let our younger adults meet to
socialize and deepen their understanding of the Dharma. The group includes both single
adults and young couples just starting families.

The temple is also a founding member of the IRC -Interreligious Council,
the first community multi-faith organization in San Diego.

For more information about these groups, please call (619) 239-0896 and leave
your name and contact information. Or send e-mail to
Subject: Temple-Affiliated Organization.

The Sangha, our Buddhist community, is the
lifeblood of the temple. It continues to grow,
reflecting not only the Japanese heritage of
our temple pioneers, but also our heritage as
Americans from many different backgrounds.

All who wish to hear the Buddha Dharma in the
company of fellow travelers are welcome here.
The truth of Amida Buddha unites the San
Diego Sangha with Buddhists throughout the
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