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Welcome! Our tradition teaches us that just as rain falls on all vegetation, so Buddha’s
compassion extends to all people. And to all people, the Buddhist Temple of San Diego
says, “Welcome. Come share the truth and compassion of Amida Buddha.”
Welcome to the BUDDHIST TEMPLE OF SAN DIEGO Website!
On behalf of the temple Board of Directors, I wish to
extend a gracious hello and thank all those individuals
who have supported the temple over the years.

If you are new to the Buddhist Temple of San Diego,
welcome.  Established in 1926, the temple has been the
inspirational foundation for followers of Jodo Shinshu
Buddhism in this region for generations.

Today the temple offers a wide variety of programs for
all ages. We hope you'll be able to join us at one of our
upcoming events soon.
        In Gassho.
Greetings from Ralph Honda, Chairman, Temple Operations
Spiritual Leadership:
The temple and its sangha are grateful for the guidance
of our resident minister, Rev. Kenji Akahoshi. Kenji-sensei
brings to BTSD a rich and dynamic approach of
experiencing Shin Buddhism and the Nembutsu teaching
that affect personal experiences in today’s world

The temple is also grateful for the services of associate
minister, Rev. Tesshi Aoyama (Retired) to share the
Resident Minister, Rev. Kenji Akahoshi
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