President's Message
By LuAnn Lee, Board President
President's Message                       
     Summer is upon us and so are many Obon Festivals. It’s a great time to visit other
temples to see what food they have to offer, play games, watch the entertainment, shop
and partake in the Odori dance.
      On July 9 and 10, I visited San Jose Buddhist Temple Betsuin with my family. Kenji Sensei,
Karen Akahoshi and other temple members and friends had talked about how many
people attended San Jose’s Obon and how much food they offer. They were not kidding.
     There were two large areas of food and drinks with wall to wall people. The one thing
that was hard to believe was that the Odori dance music was performed Live! It sounded
just like the recordings that we dance to. It was a true group effort that reminded me of
our Obon festival at Balboa Park last year.
     Our event was much smaller but had the same community feel to it.
     In July and August, the temple is going to celebrate two Obons:  The first one is on
Sunday, July 31. It will be at the Buddhist Temple of San Diego with the Obon service
starting at 2 pm followed by Obon Odori dancing. Limited food items will be available for
purchase. The second one will be held at Balboa Park in conjunction with the Japanese
Friendship Garden on August 6. There will be many food and drink choices, Opportunity
Drawing, Odori Dancing and much more. I invite you all to attend and enjoy both events.
     On a personal note, the reason why I was in the San Jose area was to support my
husband Harold. He decided on a goal to run/walk a Marathon (26 miles) in San Francisco
and had been working out for a couple of years. It was a coastal trail run with many
uneven surfaces, lots of hills with long steady grades but he made it! He really showed how
mind over matter can work. Our family and friends are very proud of him.
I would also like to Congratulate two high school graduates, Kenji Martinez and Joene
Marx. Thank you both for supporting the temple by volunteering.
     I hope to see your smiling faces around the temple in the near future.

                                                                                                                           In Gassho,
                                                                                                                           LuAnn Lee
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