MAY 2016
President's Message
By LuAnn Lee, Board President
President's Message                       
     Spring is definitely upon us. Everything is blooming all over town and I noticed, as many
of you have, the flowers in the planter box near the temple are so beautiful and vibrant in
color. Rain came in the night and left the morning feeling clean and fresh. It really was a
perfect day for our Hanamatsuri service. You can almost imagine what Lumbini’s garden
was like long ago. Thank you to all who volunteered to make the nice Hanamido and floral
     Appreciation goes to those that donated flowers, gave such generous monetary
donations and all who brought food to share for the luncheon. The potluck was a great
turn out with all the delicious foods and temple friends, long time members and new faces.
A round of applause to Laura Henschen and all the helpers for organizing the foods and
the Junior YBA for serving tea for the guests. We give appreciation to the board members
who donated monies towards the main dishes.
     In the two months as President, I have had the opportunity to hear many Dharma
talks. It started at the National Council Meeting listening to the Speakers at the services
and Dharmathon. Guest ministers for O Higan was Rev. Gibbs, and for Hanamatsuri, Rev.
Furumoto, and of course our very own resident minister, Rev. Dr. Kenji Akahoshi. It’s
interesting to me how the messages are delivered in many different ways. Some talks are
funny, some with stuffed animals, some more serious. I guess because they tell stories that
are meaningful to them and topics come from their own life experiences. I really
encourage all of you to attend the local BEC lectures that are usually the night before the
special service. Our next opportunity to listen to a guest speaker will be when Rev. Nobuo
Miyaji of Gardena visits for a BEC lecture on May 14 and Gotan-E, the next day.
     At the Hanamatsuri service, I spoke about a new idea to get donations for items the
temple needs that are not in our budget. It is the Bodhi Tree (Giving Tree). We had a
wonderful response and just can’t tell you how deeply touched we are to see all the
leaves gone from the tree. New leaves are ready to be picked and will continue to grow
for continued needs of the temple. Thanks to all of you who gave monetary gifts (please
see the list of generous donors in the donation section)
     Last but not least, I hope you were able to come to the BTSD Eco Sangha’s 1st Earth
Day. It was put on by the Eco Sangha Committee and friends. Look for a recap of the
event in this Kaiho but in the meantime, thank you to all that worked on this successful
informative event. It was led by Chairperson Glenn Torio and Committee members.
Special thanks to Karen Akahoshi for starting this committee with her vision of a better Eco
Sangha. There were many different displays, a raffle and speakers from the City of San
Diego. We learned a lot from this event and are definitely more aware of Reusing,
Recycling and Rethinking.
     Hope to see you around the temple!

In Gassho,
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