February 2016
President's Message
By Glenn Torio, Board President
President's Message                       
     I wish to thank Sangha members and friends who attended the BEC lecture night on
January 16, featuring Rev. Harry Bridge of the Oakland Buddhist Church. I encourage
everyone to attend lectures sponsored by our Buddhist Education Committee (BEC).  The
topics are unique to each guest speaker and a very good opportunity to hear from others
in an intimate group setting.  Keep an eye on the Kaiho for other classes, lectures and
gatherings to experience the Dharma. Currently, Buddhism 1-2-3 occurs each Wednesday
from 7-8:30 p.m. Also, Kenji Sensei’s Sho Shin Ge class meets on the third Thursday of the
     Following the Ho Onko  on January 17, the temple held its annual New Year’s Party. We
had quite a crowd (about 160) for some good food, conversation and entertainment by
several of our talented Sangha Members and some not so talented (if you were in
attendance, you know what I am talking about). It had to do with the BWA’s
performance and Special Guest Star!  It was nice to many temple members and friends
celebrate the start of the New Year, which was very gratifying.
     We at the BTSD are doing our best to grow our Temple and continue to have a vibrant
and energetic Sangha!  One example of this was displayed during the Ho onko service
when the BWA presented our Sangha Teens and Jr. YBA monetary donations to help
support their efforts. As it was said, they are the future of our Temple.  To prove this point,
most all of the current Board of Directors were once members of Sangha Teens or Jr. YBA
or both, not to mention the generations before us!  I cannot give enough thanks to all of
you who continue to support BTSD.
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