President's Message
By LuAnn Lee, Board President
President's Message                       
October/November 2016
     Our 90th Anniversary celebration and the 65th Junior YBA Reunion will now be fond
memories and part of our rich history.
     It was so nice to see people of all ages attending the reunion, taking the group picture,
watching the Kieshiki ceremony, listening to the dharma talks, enjoying the lunch with the
local entertainment and reminiscing with old friends and meeting new ones.
     There are so many people to thank but I want to give kudos to the chairperson Glenn
Torio and the 90th Anniversary committee. When we had our last meeting, it was
discussed if we should name all the committee members in the program but no one
wanted the acknowledgement. This thought process is like many of you that give time
and monetary gifts with no thought of anything in return. This to me is true dana (giving).  
     As I reflect on this past weekend, I feel so lucky to be a part of the Buddhist Temple of
San Diego. I am so thankful that we still keep traditions like honoring our Keiro Kai members,
listening to Shamisen, Taiko drums and having Ruth Voorhies do the Kampai!
     I am also proud of our temple for the outreach efforts led by Reverend Dr. Kenji
Akahoshi and his 123 team especially Bill Teague who had the idea and built it up to what
it is today. We now have 3 MAP (Ministerial Assistant Program) representatives that will
help with the load now and in the future of the temple.
     So as Ruth said let’s pat ourselves and each other on the back. We can truly say in the
90 years of the temple, we all had a part in the success we enjoy today and in the future.
     I hope all of you that attended had a good time and will join us again soon.

                                                                                                             In Gassho,
                                                                                                             LuAnn Lee, Board President
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