January 2016
President's Message
By Glenn Torio, Board President
President's Message                       
     Here is wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2016!!  I
hope you were able to eat all of the traditional “Good Luck” foods on New
Years Day and spend it visiting with family and friends.  And yes the countdown
has begun for this year’s New Years resolutions you may have made!  Resolution
or not, live each day with the teachings of the Buddha as your guide.  We may
not be able to explain what that means but it is the way most of us live.  This
New Year begins with Ho Onko Service/New Years Party January 17th, the
Temple General Meeting on the 24th and the Temple 90th Anniversary coming
up this October.  Look for more information on these events and much more In
this month’s newsletter.
     The beginning of the year also brings the new Board of Directors (BOD), I am
happy to announce we have three new board members with room for one
more; it is not too late to participate!  The BOD Slate of members will be
presented and voted on at the Temple General Meeting.  As a reminder the
General Meeting is open to all Temple members to attend.  The meeting is
comprised of potluck lunch, reports from Committee Members to include
Budget, approval of Temple BOD Slate, a recap of 2015 and outlook for 2016.  
Continuing to be “eco (Sangha) – wise”, we will only have a few written report
“packets” available for the meeting.  Questions and comments are welcome
during this time as well.
     The past year was eventful and successful for our Sangha, enjoying the
newly remodeled kitchen, restrooms and entire lower floor, welcoming new and
old members and friends alike making our Temple truly a gathering place for all.
Let’s continue to maintain a strong Sangha as we deal with the ebbs and flows
of daily life.  I thank the current Temple BOD for another year of undying
dedication and hard work towards a common goal and for Kenji Sensei and Mrs.
Karen for their guidance.           

                                                                             Glenn Torio, Board President
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