August 2015
President's Message
By Glenn Torio, Board President
President's Message                       
    We may have an “El Niño weather” year, seeing how we had a bunch of it
in July! It has been a long time since we’ve had that much rain and
thunderous weather! Hope you all were able to enjoy the rain, and did not
have any trouble from the downpours. The drought is not over, by any means,
so let’s continue to be water wise. It is nice to see our lawns greening up from
those few days of rain; it’s hard to beat Mother Nature’s rain full of nutrients
and wet stuff!! I know a bunch of you are thinking about those pesky weeds
that outgrow everything, so long as we get the rain, I’ll gladly take the weeds.
    The big news for this month is where our Bon Odori will be held. As a
reminder, it will at Balboa Park in both the Japanese Friendship Garden (JFG),
and the Spreckels Organ Pavilion (next to JFG). Come out early to stroll
around Balboa Park and the Garden. There will be a lot of food to available,
which will be made by volunteers from the Temple and JFG. All food and
drinks will be sold in the JFG, but can be taken into the Organ Pavilion to be
eaten. This will be an exciting event, and something you won’t want to miss!
    Hope you all continue to enjoy your summer, whether it is on the road,
visiting foreign lands, “stay-cations,” or relaxing at home. Most of the kids are
probably saddened by the shorter summer vacation, and are either going
back to school or have already started!
    Don’t forget to check you email or paper copy of the Temple’s Kaiho to
keep up on “what’s happening” in regards to the Temple. Periodic “e-blasts”
are sent with reminders of upcoming events that might interest you. Next
month, I will begin giving an overview of what is discussed at the Board of
Directors meetings to keep you “in the loop.” As a reminder, any and all are
welcome to sit in at our meetings; the more voices we hear from, the more
we will grow and improve.

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