July 2015
President's Message
By Glenn Torio, Board President
President's Message                       
     The school year has come to an end and the summer break is under way.
For students it means a couple of months away from school, being able to
sleep in a little before moving on to the next grade level, whether it be in
elementary, middle, high school or college bound; a true time of great
change in ones life. Congratulations to all that have been promoted or
graduated this year!
     Summer also brings a time for family vacations. This year, Janet, Alex, Mark
and I went on a trip that began by flying to Jackson, Wyoming; through
Yellowstone National Park; The Grand Tetons, Deadwood; and ending in Rapid
City with a visit to Mt. Rushmore. Some of the highlights were seeing Old
Faithful erupt at nearly 10 p.m. and seeing the night sky grow dark; the size of
Yellowstone, and seeing it in its recovering and regenerating stages from the
past fires; passing through a herd of 250 bison on their way to a new settling
area in open Jeeps; vast lands of green grass, water running in creeks, rivers
and water falls, the lighting of Mt. Rushmore; and not to forget Wall Drug! Wall
Drug is a unique shopping area that everyone needs to go at least once in
their life… Or not!
     My thank you go out to all that helped and participated in the Temple
Bazaar back on June 7. Bazaar is one of our largest fund raisers of the year,
and one of the best attended. Next on our list is our Obon Odori to be held in
Balboa Park’s Organ Pavilion in conjunction with the Park’s Centennial
Celebration. I hope you all have a nice summer vacation – be safe and enjoy
as much time with your family as possible, that time is precious… And don’t
forget the sunscreen!
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