April 2015
President's Message
By Glenn Torio, Board President
President's Message                       
  Our luck was with us last month at the Japanese Friendship Garden, when we
participated in the Cherry Blossom Festival. We were greeted with two days of
unseasonably warm weather, which brought hundreds of interested onlookers
out to the garden. They were out to see the beautiful cherry blossoms, have
some delicious foods and experience wonderful entertainment. The Garden
called us back two weeks later to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Inamori
Pavillion, named after Dr. Kazuo Inamori of Kyocera Corporation, who was a
very generous donor to the project. Seeing the Inamori Pavilion is a must for all;
it is located at the lower area of the garden. Make the walk down amongst
the cherry blossoms and waterway, you will feel as if you are in Japan!
  The National Council Meetings and “Conference” were a great success!
Being a pilot program for the BCA with a change in format worked very well.
The goal was to reduce the meeting time down in half and fill the remaining
time with workshops and speakers, my favorite was the “Dharmathon” where
eight ministers spoke for 15 minutes each on a topic of their choice. Several of
our Sangha members came out to take advantage of the many activities
being provided. We are also fortunate to have the BCA Eitaikyo service at our
temple, another truly enriching experience. A huge THANK YOU goes out to all
that helped and participated in the event! A personal thank you goes out to
the Jr. YBA members and parents who hosted over 200 Sangha members from
Canada to New York to Seattle to Southern California. I may be biased but
along with Vista, we make a great team, one of the best!! We shall see
everyone at our Hanamatsuri Service on April 12!

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