March 2015
President's Message
By Glenn Torio, Board President
President's Message                       
 It feels like our summer has begun early this year! Spring is coming a little early
too; driving around town you will see many trees in full bloom, a beautiful sight.
If we are lucky, the Cherry Blossom Trees at the Japanese Friendship Garden
will be in full bloom for the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival (March 7 & 8). We
are truly spoiled with the weather we must endure here, in San Diego! Too bad
the gas prices aren’t staying down; it was nice while it lasted. As Kenji Sensei
mentioned on the way up to the So. District Council meeting, “we get the
best sunsets here.”
 The National Council Meeting (NCM) is upon us. The com-mittee, led by
Ralph Honda and Terri Omori, has been working very hard for over 2 years on
this grand event. This is not the first time Vista and San Diego have paired up
to host an event. Our Junior YBA’s have teamed up again to host a seminar in
May. We work well together and make a great team. The NCM is a BCA
event. The Southern District will serve as host district, while Vista and San Diego
are serving as co-host temples. With that being said, Southern District is
participating by making sub- committee’s to take care of items that don’t
require them to be local. A few of the tasks they have been charged with are
providing 200 lanyards, which were hand made, the banquet center pieces
and working hospitality shifts.
 Two of the main topics to be discussed and voted on at this year’s meeting
are the updated Bylaws, and the Budget. With the new format of the meeting
this year, it is very exciting! As I mentioned before, the main meeting times
have been cut in half. To fill that time will be workshops coordinated by the
BCA. Next month I will have an update on what transpired at the National
Council Meeting.

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