November 2015
President's Message
By Glenn Torio, Board President
President's Message                       
     The days are truly flying by with November upon us.  October is usually a
time for summer Santa Ana’s, that dry heat that lasts 3 days and gets back into
the 70’s.  We all know that hasn’t been the case in this “El Nino” weather year.  
We shall see what Mother Nature brings.  October also means it’s time to move
your clocks back 1 hour, actually I think it is November 1st this year.  Happy
Halloween to you all, don’t eat too much candy!
     For the past month, we have been busy as usual at Temple.  Sensei and I
were able to celebrate Orange County Buddhist Church’s 50th Anniversary in
early October.  The story of their history is quite interesting as you may think,
with the sacrifices their Pioneers endured to support and create a place where
50 years later has become a vibrant place for people to hear the Dharma and
pass the legacy on for generations to come!  In regards to our own Temple
History, we joined the Japanese Historical Society for their annual meeting held
in our annex.  At that meeting, they presented the Kansha Award to three of
the first Japanese Reverends that brought their religion to San Diego.  These
were great men who we owe a great deal for what they began back in a time
of turmoil and uncertainty for Japanese Immigrants and Japanese Americans.  
One of those 3 is our own Reverend and Mrs. Nishii, who’s three children,
grandchildren and great grandchildren most of who still live in San Diego area
and are constantly at the Temple.  I am truly grateful for what our pioneers
have created for us all.  It is up to us to continue what they started decades

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