October 2015
President's Message
By Glenn Torio, Board President
President's Message                       
     Now that most all students are back into school, the summer season has
ended too, not that we can tell by how warm it still is. Even with the warm
weather, the rain event we had was  very nice. My lawn even greened up and
of course the weeds not far behind! We should always be thinking of conserving
water and other resources not only during a shortage. This is one of the goals of
our Eco Sangha Committee. If you notice around the temple the committee
has begun recycling and is on the cusp of starting a composting site on Temple
grounds. Next month, Rev. Don Castro, Rinban of the Seattle Betsuin, will be our
guest speaker.  His temple is on the forefront of conservation and “Eco
Sangha”. How many of you out there recycle and think earth friendly on a
regular basis?
     As a reminder, our regular Temple services have begun as well as Dharma
School. If you know of any students interested in learning about Buddhism and
making new friends, have them come by on any Sunday and see what they
are missing. This goes for you adults out there too! With Kenji Sensei continuing
to present messages in a different “format” many of you are accustomed to,
come see in person what he has to say. One other reminder is to attend the
Buddhism 1,2,3 classes each Wednesday. Topics surround Buddhism and are
presented in a relaxed and comfortable way. Hope to see you out at the
temple sometime soon, check this Kaiho for a calendar of events!
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