January 2015
President's Message
By Glenn Torio, Board President
President's Message                       
and enlightening New Year!
    The Temple and organizations will begin the year with an eventful January.
We have the Temple’s New Year Party, Gen-eral Membership Meeting, and we
will also be preparing for the BCA National Council Meeting/Conference at the
end of Febru-ary! The NCM meetings have evolved into more of a conference
atmosphere rather than 2 full days of meetings. We (San Diego & Vista) are the
first to offer this type of event. This is a national event made up of the Ministers
and Leaders of all BCA Temples and/or Churches from around the nation! As co-
hosts, we were hoping to make a change in the meeting format, and with the
support of Bishop Umezu and BCA Governing Board, this has happened. They
also feel a group of leaders attending these meetings should not be spending
two full days in meetings without time for networking, learning opportunities and
hear-ing the Dharma from a variety of Ministers and Dynamic speak-ers. The
meetings will now be two, 3 ½ hour sessions. The event is open to all who are
interested in attending, at no cost, with the exception to the banquet.
    I would like to thank you all, our great Sangha, for the sup-port given to
making our Temple a place of enjoyment for all that attend. We now have a
wonderful new kitchen area, re-strooms and office space to keep us moving
forward for years to come. We hope to be able to pay off the remaining
balance due for the kitchen project quickly, and with the continued sup-port of
our Sangha, I am confident it will happen!